Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Apolis - A Conversation with Marc Koska

Marc is very proud to be supporting Apolis,  "a living and breathing social enterprise  that equips and empowers people through opportunity instead of charity." Marc is the third to feature with Apolis Conversations - see what they had to say here and watch the video!

We are proud to continue our series of Apolis Conversations. The series shares the inspirational stories and occupations of key people in our lives that we consider Apolis Advocates. We are honoured to sit down with these individuals and share their outlook on the future of their industry.
Our third film features one of our heroes: the inventor, activist and global citizen Marc Koska OBE. After it was announced that he had won this year's Social and Economic Innovation Award from The Economist, Marc spent some time with us in Los Angeles to talk about SafePoint, the organisation that he founded to ensure that the Lifesaver, an auto-disable syringe he invented, is free & accessible to clinics in developing countries. His simple yet revolutionary device has already prevented millions of deaths by reducing the incidents of syringe reuse in facilities across the globe. During a whirlwind trip from China, speaking at the World Economic Forum, the man sat down to talk with us about his international movement to save lives and what it means to be a global citizen.